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When you’re looking to move your home or your business to a new state, you want to be sure that you’ve got the best options. has an expansive network of superior companies that specialize in long distance moving options for individuals, families, and businesses preparing for an interstate or cross-country move.

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Moving Services in North Carolina

Moving to or from North Carolina can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never done a long-distance move before. Because of that, we can connect you with both residential and commercial moving companies that offer services like full service packing, in home estimates, and storage so that you can plan things out in a way that makes the most sense for your purposes.

Residential Moving

Your home will be in the best hands when you trust any of the best long-distance movers in NC that you can connect with via our website.

Corporate Relocation

Is your business getting ready to relocate to a different state? Many of the movers we work with have years of experience and know just what to do to simplify the process.

Storage Service

Need storage for that in-between time? Many of the moving companies we work with can provide you with those services

In House Estimate

Know what your budget needs to be by getting an in-home estimate related to how many items that you will be taking with you to your new home.

Full Service Packing

Don’t pack on your own – save time and effort by getting full service packing services that get everything packed correctly and efficiently.

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Moving to North Carolina?

North Carolina is a state that is filled with new and exciting opportunities for anyone who moves there. Filled with natural beauty and several vital and up-and-coming urban areas, the state has many different places that new residents can go so that they can live their best life. From the high mountains of the Appalachians to the beautiful beaches like the Outer Banks, there are a lot of places that you can go in order to enjoy everything that North Carolina has to offer its residents and the people who decide to visit the state.

Things to Know When Moving to North Carolina

Cost of Living in North Carolina

Much of the economy in North Carolina is impacted by their connection to higher education. Between Duke and UNC, you will find that there are a lot of different ways in which these schools impact the economy. While North Carolina definitely has a higher cost of living than other areas of the south, the wages are a bit higher as well. The staples of life are relatively affordable and you’ll find that there are plenty of affordable housing options for you, too. Compare the cost of living in the city or area that you’re living in now with where you’re looking to move and you can figure out if it’s going to be comparable.

Weather and Climate in North Carolina

Unlike some other southern states, North Carolina experiences all 4 seasons most of the time. While winters can be relatively mild, they do get about 13 inches of snow (inland) every year. The temperatures are fairly moderate, and the geographical terrain (plateau, mountains, etc.) helps to keep the weather fairly consistent throughout the state all year round. They get plenty of rain and, while summers can get very humid, it’s much more bearable than some of the other southern states.

Parks and Places to Visit in North Carolina

If you’ve ever been on the road, you’ve likely seen someone with an OBX sticker – and that’s really not a surprising thing. The fact is, the Outer Banks is one of the biggest tourist spots in the state. Not only that, but the Outer Banks is also known for being one of the top beach vacation spots in the entire United States.

The first successful flight in history was in Kitty Hawk, and the Piedmont Plateau is a beautiful area that stretches from VA to Alabama, and through North Carolina. The Appalachian Mountains also cut through the state as well. There are plenty of historical places to go, and the Biltmore Estate – the largest private residence in the US – is also an enjoyable visit.

Sports in North Carolina

In North Carolina, college basketball is king. Whether you’re cheering on Duke or UNC, you probably have a pretty solid allegiance to one or the other. The Carolina Panthers are located in North Carolina (with training areas in South Carolina), and the Charlotte Hornets (NBA) get a lot of attention as well. They even have an NHL team (the Carolina Hurricanes). If you like sports, you will be able to find your place when you move to North Carolina.

Quarantine and Pet Laws in NC

North Carolina is fairly lenient when it comes to pets within the state. Natively wild animals like raccoons, possums, foxes, and other creatures will need to pass an exam by the state veterinarian in order to be brought into the state. If you are looking to bring plants into the state, be sure to take a look at the informational page from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to see which plants are and are not allowed to cross into the state’s borders.

Education in NC

When it comes to education, North Carolina is one of the best states to go in order to get an educational experience. Not only is their high school system quite solid, but their public colleges and universities are some of the best in the country. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is well known throughout the country for its focus on academics, and its many other campuses are also known for their solid educational options. Duke University, East Carolina University, and Wake Forest University are also renowned for academic opportunity.

Food and Culture in NC

As with many other areas of the south, it’s not surprising that there are many different options for outstanding food. Not only are there delicious BBQ joints throughout the state, but you can get almost any sort of southern cuisine no matter where you turn. Cheerwine is a very popular drink, and it’s hard to go anywhere without finding sweet tea or craft beer. Other popular foods include shrimp and grits; biscuits and gravy, fried green tomatoes, cobbler, and other southern staples.

Other Things to Know Before Moving to NC

Those who are moving to NC permanently are going to want to get their car registration and license taken care of within 45 days of moving to the state. Not only that, but you want to be sure that you work out the details so that you can be considered a resident of the state for voting and other purposes. Check out the quarantine lists above and seek out answers about home insurance and other laws before finalizing the details of your move to North Carolina.

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