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Best-Movers exists to help you get the moving services you need without all of the stress. When you’re looking to move, you want the information you need and you want it to be accurate – and that’s something that we pride ourselves in providing for you.

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We listen to our customers’ feedback in order to ensure that what we are doing makes sense and that we are able to provide our customers with what they need in order to have a successful moving experience.

How It Works

Best-Movers site will allow you to get connected with long-distance and Local moving professionals within just a few minutes. When you utilize our website, you will be able to connect with a number of moving professionals throughout the country.

Best-Movers services

We provide a variety of services to our clients, which allows you to get what you need, when you need it, and at a price that is affordable for you or your business. Whether you’re looking at household moves, business moves, relocations, in-house estimates, or anything in between, we can help you to get connected with expert moving veterans so that you can execute your move in a way that is efficient, simple, and stress free.

In House Estimate

Are you worried about how much it may cost for you to move the furniture and other items that you own? We can ensure that someone is sent to give you accurate information regarding cost estimates for your future move.

Household Moves

Are you moving from an apartment, or are you moving from a mansion? Either way, we can connect you with moving companies that will ensure that your household moving needs are their top priority, from start to finish.

Corporate Relocation

Is your business moving to a new building, or even to a new area of the country? Your company’s relocation is of utmost importance to our moving partners. Let’s connect you with information so that you can start your relocation as soon as possible.

Full Service Packing

The movers that we’re connected with won’t only help with your move, but many of them will assist with the packing process for an extra fee, which will be included in your estimate.


In many instances, people who move may have to wait before they move into another home. Storage services are necessary in those cases, and we can ensure that your items are safe until they are ready for move-in day.

Moving Guide

Are you looking for tips related to your move? We can provide you with informative moving guides and tutorials that will give you the information you need for your particular circumstance and the services you require.

Best Movers By States

Top Moving Companies

Moving can be very stressful, but those who work with moving professionals often find that the process is much less difficult with their assistance. Cross-country or interstate moving companies can give individuals advice about how they may want to pack, or they can provide packing services that meet their needs. They can also help those who are moving to a new place by working with them on a moving plan that will meet their time schedule and the needs that they may have in relation to a move. Professional moving companies that specialize in long-distance moves may also be of assistance in relation to businesses that are relocating to new cities. They will work directly with business owners and managers to ensure that all of their furniture, supplies, and electronics are moved safely. Having access to that sort of assistance can allow businesses to move with very little downtime before and after the move.

Exploring Moving Companies

Local Moving Companies

These moving companies only do local moves, and they will state where they do their moves via their site or when you talk to them on the phone. They may provide full service or self-service moves, but they only move within a certain distance radius. In certain cases, they may not even do moves outside of the city that you are currently residing in. You want to talk to these companies and see what their moving distance is so that you can determine whether or not they may be the right company for you to go with for your move.

Local Moving Companies - Best-Movers

Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving companies that specialize in long-distance moves usually will not do local moves, but they will take care of moves that are more than 50 to 100 miles from your location. They specialize in helping people to pack their belongings in a specific fashion and will transport those items across the region or country so that their customers can focus on other logistics of their relocation more easily. These companies have years of experience in interstate moving as well as all the required licenses and permits.

Long Distance Moving Companies - Best-Movers

Business Moving Companies

Companies that focus on moving businesses cross-country are experts when it comes to moving things like filing cabinets, desks, computers, servers, and everything else that may need to be moved carefully. Professionals from these companies will take care of everything so that commercial moves go as smoothly as they possibly can, allowing your business to move without having additional problems after the move has been completed.

Business Moving Companies - Best-Movers

Vehicle Transport Moving Companies

There are many reasons that a vehicle transport moving company could be a solution that makes sense. Whether you’ve got a car that you don’t want to put extra mileage on, you’ve got multiple vehicles that need to be moved, or you have a motorcycle, scooter, or other small vehicle that would otherwise need to be towed along, it may be a good idea to contact a vehicle transport moving company to assist.

Vehicle Transport Moving Companies - Best-Movers

National Companies That Provide Full Service Moves

When you work with a full-service national moving company, you will find that they take care of every step of the process, from start to finish. They will come into your home, pack the things that you direct them to pack, and bring everything that they need in order to get the packing done properly. Not only does that save customers time on their move, it also allows them to feel better about how their items are being packed and how safe that they will be while they are on their trip.

National Companies That Provide Full Service Moves - Best-Movers

Do It Yourself Companies With Truck Rentals

These are exactly what it sounds like. The customer takes care of every step, from the packing up, to loading up the moving truck or van, to driving it to its destination. These companies do provide truck rentals and rentals/purchases of other moving materials, like dollies, bungee cords, boxes, packing tape, and more. These used to be the only option for people looking to move, but there are many more options available if you want a simpler, safer move.

Do It Yourself Companies With Truck Rentals - Best-Movers

National Companies That Provide Self-Service Moves

If you feel better about dealing with the packing process on your own, then you will find that national companies that offer self-service moves may be a better option for you to consider. They will load and drive the truck for you, but you’re the one that is going to take care of packing the boxes and ensuring that your items will be in the boxes or other packing materials that you wish for them to be in.

National Companies That Provide Self-Service Moves - Best-Movers

Specialized Item Moving Companies

Do you have antiques, large instruments, or other such things that need to be moved carefully? There are many of us who have various sorts of items that are precious to us and that need to be handled with care during a move. Specialty moving companies know and understand all of the things that they will need to do in order to accomplish your move effectively.

Specialized Item Moving Companies - Best-Movers

Moving is not a simple process, and working with professionals that know how to take care of a move can help you to get through your move easily and with as little stress as possible. When you work with Best-Movers, we will assist you in finding the best moving company to accomplish your move in the most effective way possible.