Is Full Service Packing Right For You?

Moving always entails a lot of logistical things that you need to figure out in order to stay ahead of problems and to ensure that everything gets to where it needs to go quickly and without too many hiccups. That’s why you may be looking at full service packing options as something to consider budgeting for.

Let’s take a closer look at what is involved in full service packing and give you some information about this option that is becoming more readily available for people all over the country. It may be just the option you need to streamline your move. Keep in mind that many of the local and long-distance moving companies in the Best-Movers network offer packing services.

Professional Packing Services

Above all else, when you get full service packing services, you will be working with professionals that know and understand everything that is related to packing your items. Whether you only have an apartment filled with items, or you have a whole 4,000+ square foot home, these services will take care of every single step of the packing process for you and work with you so that you can worry about some of the other details around the relocation that you are currently planning out.

Professional packers know and understand what is involved in packing your items because they have been working with moving services and with customers’ needs for many years. They’re trained in how they should be dealing with personal possessions, furniture, antiques, rare items, and other oddities so that they can deal with it in a manner that is careful and that will allow you to feel confident in their ability to transport your items safely and intact.

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How Do You Take Care of Packing and Unpacking?

There are many different ways that you may want to deal with your packing, but full-service professionals that come in and take care of it for you will have years of experience in packing for customers and clients of all sorts. They will work with you and pack your items carefully and correctly so that they fit in the moving vehicle or container and so that everything will stay safe as the vehicle makes the trek to your new location. The full service movers that you hire will also be the ones that drive the truck or van and then unpack the vehicle when you arrive to the location of your new home.

The packing professionals that we can connect you with use a variety of techniques. They are also constantly learning about best practices so that they can move different types of furniture, electronics, large instruments, and other items that may need extra care when being moved. They will be in constant contact with you throughout the entire process of moving and will help you to make decisions and answer any questions that you may have while your move is being executed

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Packing Tips and Checklists

If you are still considering doing it on your own, there are a variety of resources that are available here on the site. From packing videos, to articles, and just lists of tips that can help to make your packing process a little simpler. We even have some sample packing checklists that you can utilize in order to ensure that you’ve got everything set up and organized in a way that will allow you to make your move as simple as possible.

Otherwise, many of our partner interstate moving companies have full service packages that can help to make your packing and moving experience the very best that it can be and that will allow you to feel much less stress than you may have otherwise. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to find what you need from the full-service professionals that partner with Best-Movers.

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What Supplies Do You Need for Your Move?

Finding the right supplies for your move is essential. We have all heard stories where people have needed to run out and get something while they were trying to pack. You can choose to gather the supplies for your full-service move on your own, or you can pay a little extra in order to ensure that everything will be taken care of by expert staff.

You will need a number of supplies in order to ensure that your packing process will go as smoothly as possible, including boxes, packing tape, Sharpies/permanent markers, newspaper, rubber bands, paper pads (or paper wrap), masking tape (for labels), and other various supplies. Talk with the long-distance or local moving company that you decide to go with in order to learn about which of these that you should have available or if they will provide those things to you for an additional cost.

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Are Custom Crating Services an Option?

When you have larger, more fragile items that need to be transported in a specific way, you may be in need of crating services. This is especially true in cases where you have antiques, large mirrors, tables (specifically glass tables), expensive artwork, and other items that may need special care and transportation so that they can arrive to your destination without problems.

Contact your packing professionals directly to learn about how they can assist you in regards to your specific needs and what they may need to crate so that you don’t have problems with your more expensive and fragile items.

Are Custom Crating Services an Option - Best-Movers

There are many reasons to consider full service packing services and, now that you understand what they can provide for you, you will be in a better position to determine whether or not it is what you will need in order to get through your move with as few problems as you possibly can.

Use the free tools here on our site to get estimates and be sure to ask the local or long-distance moving companies you choose to interview about their packing services. Whether you opt for full-service packing or not, it never hurts to ask for pricing information.