Best Long Distance Movers in Atlanta, GA

Choosing a long-distance moving company in a huge city like Atlanta is a daunting task. It is not the same as a small town where people know the business owners by name A simple Google search shows there are hundreds of companies, small businesses and startups offering moving services.

It is why took the time to vet all these companies and come up with a list of the best long-distance movers in Atlanta, GA to help you choose the right mover. Every company on this list offers excellent services, prices, amenities and customer service. If you are making an interstate or cross-country move from Atlanta, one of these companies will serve you very well.

Here is Our List of the 10 Best Long Distance Movers in Atlanta, GA:

1. Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping

With a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, Flat Price Moving and Auto Shipping is one of the top options for anyone who is looking to move out of Atlanta in the coming months. Looking to move out of a two or three bedroom home? Such moves are no issue for this company. Packing services are also provided, if requested.

The added benefit of using this company is its auto transport service. Unless you want to drive your car thousands of miles to the other side of the country, getting it transported through the company is the best option.


2. State to State Moving and Auto Transport

State to State Moving and Auto Transport is another quality choice when moving out of Atlanta to another part of the county. The company was founded in 2010 to offer customers a more personal and affordable alternative to the massive, national moving and van line businesses that seem to dominate the industry.

State to State Moving is committed to building trust with its customers. An in-person consultation leads to a price quote. There are no hidden fees, which means customers should not have any nasty surprises when they open up their bill following the completion of the move.


State to State Moving and Auto Transport Logo - Best-Movers

3. Trico Long Distance Movers

A five-star rating on Yelp is a rare feat for a moving company. It is why Trico Long Distance Movers is seen by many as a preferred choice in the area. The company offers services for residential and commercial moves. Auto transport options are also available, whether you need to get your car, truck or motorcycle across the country.

Founded in 2010, the company is based on the principle of happy customers who are getting value for money. Trico treats its contracts with complete transparency, showing customers precisely how much they will pay before the move begins. The rate is guaranteed and does not change after the move is complete.


Trico Long Distance Movers Logo - Best-Movers

4. Mark the Mover

Mark the Mover sounds like the name of a small operation that would only target local areas, but the company has grown immensely over the past few years. It is now able to offer long-distance moving services to the 48 contiguous United States. And its 4.5-star Yelp rating is proof that customers are delighted with the value they get.

Fully accredited by the BBB and licensed by the Georgia Department of Public Safety, customers know they are getting a stellar experience when they deal with Mark the Mover. It is best to call the company over the phone for detailed information about the long distance moving options and prices.


Mark the Mover Atlanta Logo - Best-Movers

5. All Professional Movers Atlanta

Four stars on Yelp and impressive reviews on other sites, All Professional Movers is a solid choice for anyone living in Atlanta. The company believes in being completely upfront with customers about the moving process and associated costs. Both short and long-distance moving services are offered.

Fully insured in accordance with United States Department of Transportation requirements, All Professional Movers can manage any distance, quantity and type of move requested by the customer. Packing services and materials are also available.


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6. Big League Movers

It is always interesting to learn about how a tiny business can grow into a substantial presence in an industry. Big League Movers began as a student operation, helping others move in and out of their dorms and nearby apartments.

Now the company has a presence in many American states, offering local and long-distance moving services to customers in Atlanta. Since its launch in 2008, it has experienced huge growth every year. But the small business vibe of the establishment is still the same. Customers enjoy very competitive rates for packing and/or moving services.


Big League Movers Logo - Best-Movers

7. Magic Movers ATL

Looking to move on a budget? Searching for a company with a great reputation? Magic Movers ATL checks both boxes. It has 4.5-star reviews on Yelp, while its reputation on other sites is also very impressive. The company offers residential and commercial moves out of Atlanta to anywhere in the United States.

There is a ten percent discount on offer for anyone who can produce a military, senior citizen or student ID. Those who are moving out of Atlanta due to a deployment or because they completed their degree will be very pleased with such a discount!


Magic Movers ATL Logo - Best-Movers

8. Atlanta Home Movers

With a five-star rating on almost 200 reviews on Yelp, Atlanta Home Movers LLC is a company with a stellar reputation. Both residential and corporate moving services are available through the company founded in 2014.

It can be tough to trust a company that is only a few years old, but Atlanta Home Movers has exceeded the expectations of all its customers since its founding. The owner Jon still does the majority of moving estimates, highlighting the small business and family vibe of the company.


Atlanta Home Movers Logo - Best-Movers

9. ALS Van Lines

Air-Land-Sea (ALS) Van Lines has been around for 20 years. While it does not have the same history as other van line companies, it has built up a great reputation in those two decades and has a well-earned spot on the list of best long-distance movers in Atlanta, GA. Rates for long distance moving out of Atlanta are excellent.

Professional packing and loading services, optional storage solutions, proper insurance and a fleet of modern trucks ensures customers are always satisfied with the moving experience through this provider. It is a BBB-accredited company and a member of the American Moving & Storage Association.


ALS Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers

10. Bulldog Movers

A cross-country mover that serves the entire Atlanta metro area, Bulldog Movers has spent the past 35 years delivering value and excellent services to its customers. A cursory online search will reveal plenty of four and five-star reviews for Bulldog Movers, highlighting their commitment to excellence.

Families who are moving out of a large home in Atlanta will love this company. It has trucks that are larger than a typical moving truck, which means moving a four or five-bedroom home would be possible through this provider. Bulldog Movers is a fully licensed, bonded and insured moving service provider in Atlanta, GA.


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Following table displays the list of Best Long Distance Movers in Atlanta, GA:

No.Best Long Distance Movers in Atlanta, GAWebsiteLogo
1.Flat Price Moving and Auto Shippingwww.flatpriceautotransport.comFlat Price Moving and Auto Shipping Logo - Best-Movers
2.State to State Moving and Auto Transportwww.state2statemovers.comState to State Moving and Auto Transport Logo - Best-Movers
3.Trico Long Distance Moverswww.tricolongdistancemovers.comTrico Long Distance Movers Logo - Best-Movers
4.Mark the Moverwww.markthemover.comMark the Mover Atlanta Logo - Best-Movers
5.All Professional Movers Atlantawww.apmatlanta.comAll Professional Movers Logo - Best-Movers
6.Big League Moverswww.bigleaguemovers.comBig League Movers Logo - Best-Movers
7.Magic Movers ATLwww.magicmoversatl.comMagic Movers ATL Logo - Best-Movers
8.Atlanta Home Moverswww.atlantahomemoversllc.comAtlanta Home Movers Logo - Best-Movers
9.ALS Van Lineswww.alsvanlines.comALS Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers
10.Bulldog Moverswww.bulldogmovers.netBulldog Movers Logo - Best-Movers

A long distance move can be an exhausting experience, especially if you are moving with the whole family. Whether it is for work or personal reasons, it means a complete upheaval of your life. It is why planning is so important. By planning everything in advance, the weeks leading up to the move go by much smoother.

Choosing a moving company and agreeing to a move date is the first step in that process. Here at, we’re confident that our detailed list of the best long-distance movers in Atlanta, GA will help with this process. Each company on the list is a top moving service provider with great reviews and a respected history.