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VEHICLE TRANSPORT | Services for Long and Short Distance Relocations

There are many types of open and closed auto transportation trucks at Best Movers. You choose our services based on safety, insurance coverage, cost of service, flexibility, storage and other related options. The reason for putting the safety and insurance costs ahead of others at Best Movers is simple. We don’t wish to take any risks while moving your expensive car from the origin to the destination. The most important parameters we consider for the transportation could be summarized in the form o f a simple table.

Evaluation Parameters



Protection from weather elements


You might opt for closed transportation trucks to make it foolproof. Or you might also choose open transport with completely protective packing, depending on availability.

Protection from fire, electrical short circuits and other manmade damages


Closed trucks are mostly recommended. But the advancements in technology have also open vehicles to incorporate many of the features with fireproof structural blocks.

Protection from accidental slip off.


Closed trucks automatically provide protection. Open trucks are to be enforced with chains and interlocked metallic “cages”.

Insurance Coverage


The cost of insurance premium will be relatively more for open trucks than closed types of trucks.

Selection of vehicle transport companies


Choose the car transport company Best Movers for the most experienced and trusted drivers and sophisticated trucks.

Sample Checklist for evaluation of parameters while shipping a car with Best Movers

There could be many more parameters which you can use while evaluating the company performance. The most preferred is to visit the forums and blogs related to the technology behind auto transportation. Make a list of all the critical and major parameters as listed in them. Then you can go directly to the company websites of the auto transporters. Go to the services page and compare the features with the list you have prepared. If you are able to find all the critical parameters in the site, you can be assured of the company’s reliability.

Shipping a Car- What You Should Know

·         Open Vs Closed Trucks: - The choice between open and closed types of trucks can be made on the basis of distance to be covered also. If you are relocating to a location of more than 1,000 miles, the preferred is closed transport. But you can always check out for the other option, if the company is able to provide the packing protection to the maximum extent. But again you may have to pay extra for the packaging. F the nest cost comparison works out in favor of the closed type; you can always opt for it.

·         Applicable Rate per Mile: - If you compare the generic rates for car transport, it is lesser for every mile of distance covered. This is applicable to the first 1,000 miles. The price comes down further if your relocation distance is more than 1,000miles. This again is a generic calculation when the average values are considered. But this might vary depending on the size, sophistication, age and model and other parameters. So, you need to contact our specific service providers at Best movers to get the accurate rates list.

·         Transit Insurance: - Our company Best movers provide comprehensive insurance during transit. Choose the best of plans covering all the possible risks during transit. Our company Best movers representative is the best person to contact for getting the proper insurance. In this regard it is better to avoid too much of self research unless you are aware of the perfect insurance options while shipping a car.

Best Movers Car Transport–What We Offer

The presence and service coverage within the US by Best Movers can be summarized in the form of a chart. This shows the percent of companies spread all over the US. This is a variable data which can change dynamically owing to the opening of new franchises, transfers and other parameters. However you get a picture about the coverage to a reasonable extent.

·         Complete coverage from coast to coast in the east west direction and border to border coverage from the south to north are the main features.

·         You have the provision for getting special offers based on how advance you make the reservation. The companies might implement these provisions, depending on the slot availability, season, traffic density, distance parameters as applicable.

·         Our vehicle transport company Best movers offers the best of rates for short and long distances, due to our innovative technology transport trucks. This is be made possible by the fuel efficiency; power packed carrying features, closed and open trucks and various other logistical parameters. Once you experience our services, you will be able to know how good we are in fulfilling our customer commitments.