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RESIDENTIAL MOVING SERVICES | For The Quality & Price Conscious Clients

The quality of moving services will be experienced by you when you are in the process of moving home over long distances. For example, your need to move from Carolina to South California is between a distance of about 2,500 miles to be covered by the truck on the road. Here you need to consider the protection of your cargo, insurance risk coverage, packing standards and other critical parameters related to the logistics like fuel costs (of course it will be on you) , number of workers etc. The rates associated with each parameter are calculated per mile as a standard. Certain companies might go for an overall package, but you can find many hidden costs, which are unrevealed.

Parameters involved in moving house

Rates per mile (average)


Calculated on the basis of rate/weight


Considers packing box size, material, weight, nature of cargo etc


Considers packing box size, material, weight, nature of cargo, sensitivityto damage etc


Number of workers, rate/worker, tools involved, manual labor level etc.

Variable Parameters involved in Best Movers Freight

The kind of freight rates per mile will be dependent on all the above factors. The way in which every freight service provider calculates them will be entirely different. Now your question will be obviously about the regulations about the control of logistics rates in the USA. Of course the standard rates calculations will be done according to the regulations. But the hidden costs put forward by the service providers will not be controlled by the state of federal governments. Ultimately it is the customers like you who end up paying more for the freight transportation.

Residential Moving Services ĖPackaging Quality

When it comes to moving house, the quality of packaging is the most critical parameter which the companies consider. Of course their perspective also includes getting more rate per packing than it actually deserves. At the Best movers we believe in getting the most optimal pricing per packaging. In this aspect they include only the material costs and the nominal service charges. The variation of costs between the fragile and non fragile materials is always lesser compared with the standard companies you find in the market.

The total costs of packaging materials to the residential moving services companies will be on the basis of purchase rate, storage costs, wastage and other parameters. If the corrugated paper boxes are stored for a long time without utilization, they might get spoiled. The companies normally add those costs onto the remaining materials in stock. In fact you will be paying for the spoiled materials also without realizing.

         Elimination of Overheads: - At the Best movers we have a strict principle of avoiding unnecessary overheads to the customers. We are extremely transparent in their approach to rates and allow the customers to see through their rate formulation methods. If you happen to be a customer to our company the Best movers, you will have already experienced the difference. If not you can try out their services for all your moving home purposes.

         Insurance Coverage: - Experience is one of the critical elements which help the moving companies provide the best of insurance coverage options. While it may not be possible to find the coverage for all the risk factors, it is certainly possible to get the maximum coverage for certain fixed parameters. They could include fire, accidents, natural disasters etc. The other parameters like the accidental breakages due to fall, packaging damages and others are under the control of the company. We will be able to control them by enhancing the protective factors within the infrastructure. One way is to improve the packing material quality. The other is to change the stacking methods. For this we have to change the internal designs of the trucks. These procedures enable more secure stacking which can protect the fragile materials and electrical appliances against shocks.

         Service Quality: - Quality of service is also influenced by the timing of packaging, loading and unloading at the destination. You certainly donít expect your service provider to skip the scheduled time when you are in a hurry or the distance of travel is more. An hourís delay in the starting time can result in a dayís delay in the unloading time. Hence our company Best movers take care of conformance to a specific time schedule as decided by you. This will help them in completing the entire shipment program according to the initial schedule and plan. Of course there could be times when the time might go off control under natural disasters and other critical situations. At that time the primary concern of our company Best movers is to protect your cargo. Then we can safely make them reach the destination.