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Packing Services efficiency | For Fragile & Sensitive Household Items

The ASTM determines the packing standards for the household items within the US. They consider the quality of packing materials, GSM, material type, tapes and adhesives, total weight carrying capacity and other sensitive parameters.


Outer lining

Inner lining




Corrugated paperboard


Reinforced Plastic

Single wall

Regular slot, one piece folder, double panel folder

Best suited for clothes and fixtures. It is also possible to pack lightweight kitchen utensils.

Corrugated paperboard

Double Linerboard

Reinforced Plastic

Double wall

Full overlap slots with 3 to 4 panels

Best suited for medium weight household articles, lightweight electrical appliances.

Corrugated wood

Wooden panels


Double wall

Precision dimensions with 5 panel layers

Best suited for electrical appliances like refrigerator, washing machines, dishwashers etc. It is possible to pack fragile and sensitive materials by covering the inner layers. Preferred materials are bubble sheets of multiple layers.

Sample table showing parameters for professional packers

When you are able to find our company the Best movers, you will be able to come across the standard packing parameters as in this table. There are multiple benefits of using such packing for fragile and sensitive materials. Our transport services will be able to ship your cargo safely from the origin to the destination without a single damage. Of course there is another important parameter associated with transportation. It is the stacking procedure.

Packing to Move ĖStrategic Planning

You might be in a hurry to complete the packing procedure, or save on the packing materials used. Many of the transporters show lot of enthusiasm in saving money for you. So, they suggest cheap materials which seem light on your wallet, but prove to be a burden on your fragile cargo. The result is well evident. You end up with broken furniture and fixture when you unpack the boxes at your new home. Some of them are so expensive and rare, it is nearly impossible to repair or replace them. You canít even go back to the movers and ask for compensation due to many reasons. So the best way is to take preventive measures. At our company the Best movers, our experts simply donít suggest cheap alternative materials when it comes to packing and stuffing. We have a specific strategy for the different types of materials.

         We avoid overstuffing of items on each other. This is specifically good for items made of porcelain, glass, silver and other sensitive materials. We might suggest you use a single large wooden corrugated box, within which we can use cardboard or paperboard boxes with bubble sheets, wool, cotton and other soft materials. We help in protecting the items from knocking against each other and breaking.

         We can use sheets of scratchproof materials for electrical and appliances. The GSM of the materials depend on the nature and dimension of the appliance. For example the TV and the electrical oven need to be packed with protective sheets of different dimensions. At the same time they need to care for the inner layer softness factor. One way is to use the bubble sheets in the interior and wrap it up with the PVC sheets for packing. They are highly flexible and shock proof in nature. In fact you can keep them within the corrugated wooden boxes in single or two layers. But you need to use the thick bubble sheets on the interiors of the boxes. And separate the two inner layers with wooden panels. This kind of packing surely doesnít come cheap. So, when you hear of cheap movers, it doesnít necessarily include the packing services.

Professional Packers - Inflation in Material Costs and the Customer

Percentage of costs involved in safe and flexible packing

The two charts in the image represent the difference in the costs in 2016 and 2017. They have gone up by 0.1% to 1.1% depending on the variations in the cost of raw materials. It is natural for the packing services providers to transfer the inflation into your wallets directly. But how much of increase is made has to be analyzed and evaluated.

         Realistic increase in the costs is something nobody can avoid. At Best Movers we increase the rates only to the extent as done by the raw material suppliers and the makers of packing boxes.

         At Best Movers we are transparent in sharing any such information with the customers. Hence you donít have any issues in the pricing.

Packing to Move Ė Quality of Materials

If you calculate the cost you pay for the quality packing services to protect your precious articles with the actual cost of the articles, you are saving thousands of dollars. Hence the choice of our company Best movers is to ensure the top quality packing materials. Hence we have the reputation of being called professional packers.