Best Long Distance Movers in Roswell, GA

Moving is always a challenging experience, especially when it involves long distances. Cross-country moves can seem scary, because you are putting your trust in a moving company to take care of your possessions.

The process of moving is also very stressful and fast paced. Everything is happening at once. Buying plane tickets, arranging for a place to live in the new city, figuring out job-related logistics and ensuring everyone in the family is ready for the move.

Most people do not have time to pack their possessions into boxes and then get them on a moving truck. It is why hiring a moving company is the smart approach. A lot of the hassle involved with moving is gone when you find the right cross-country moving company.

It is why families should look to for help finding the most trustworthy, reliable and affordable interstate movers. When planning your move, you can be confident choosing one of the companies on list of the best long-distance movers in Roswell, GA.

Here is Our List of the 10 Best Long Distance Movers Roswell, GA:

1. Atlanta Home Movers

A five-star rated moving company, Atlanta Home Movers provides cross country moving services to those in the Roswell, GA area. The company prides itself on conducting thorough training with all its employees. They are known for providing a better customer service experience than most movers in the region.

Even though Atlanta Home Movers was founded fairly recently in 2014, the company has already made a huge impression in the area. They are capable of handling smaller moves, short-distance moves, cross country moves and corporate moves. Customers can obtain a moving quote online or by contacting the company over the phone.


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2. Cross Country Moving Company

With a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, the Cross Country Moving Company is one of the top options for people in the Roswell area. Customers who use this company are getting access to their nationwide network of moving operations. Cross Country Moving is known for its professional services, efficient moving structure and competitive prices.

The company originated in Syracuse, New York, but it now has a very respectable presence around the country. It has bases in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Seattle and Minneapolis. No matter where in the United States you are going, Cross Country Moving Company will be there to provide affordable and efficient moving and packing services.


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3. All My Sons Moving and Storage

With over 20 years of experience in the moving and storage businesses, All My Sons is one of the top moving companies for Atlanta and the surrounding regions. Roswell is within the region covered by this company.

They provide competitive prices on long-distance moves. It is easy to get an online quote, which is followed by a phone call or in-person meeting with one of the company’s moving facilitators. The company will walk customers through the entire moving process, so they are comfortable with the terms.


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4. Big League Movers

Big League Movers is a fully licensed moving company that offers local and long-distance moving services to both residential and commercial customers. Even with cross-country moves, the company attempts to provide a small business style service and experience to all those worrying about a big move.
The company began as a small operation that would take moving requests from people near the University. It was meant for students who needed help moving, but could not afford to pay expensive movers. Now the company is truly in the big leagues having expanded to the point where long-distance residential and commercial moves are a main part of the services they provide.


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5. Allied Van Lines

When people think about moving in the United States, they immediately think of Allied Van Lines. The company has been around since 1928, providing a variety of moving, packing and van services to residential and commercial customers. Despite the company’s size and scope, it still offers a very good service for long-distance moves.
Allied Van Lines has an agent in nearby Lawrenceville with excellent ratings for outstanding customer service. Use our free estimator tool here on or get in touch with the agent directly.


Allied Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers

6. Olympic Park Pro Movers

With an impressive 4.5-star rating on Yelp, Olympic Park Pro Movers is a very good choice for those needing to accomplish a cross-country move. The company offers residential and commercial relocation, long-distance moving and other moving related services.
Olympic Park offers many unique features to its customers, such as real time tracking of the transport vehicle that is carrying your goods to the new destination. They even incorporate storage solutions into the moving process, if requested by the customer.


Olympic Park Pro Movers Logo - Best-Movers

7. All Professional Movers

With no hidden fees, excellent online ratings and a history of quality customer service, All Professional Movers is a top choice for people moving from the Roswell, GA area. The company offers residential and commercial moving services for both short distances and across the country.
Founded in 2014, the company has already built itself into a top moving option for Georgia customers. All Professional Movers provides insurance and liability coverage on its moves, offers assembly and disassembly services if requested and is capable of handling moves of any size.


All Professional Movers Logo - Best-Movers

8. Zephyr Moving

Zephyr Moving is a locally established and owned Georgia moving company that services Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The company offers full service relocation services for short distance and cross-country moves. With standard three-man crews assisting on each operation, Zephyr prioritizes efficiency and a good customer experience.
Looking to move to a state on the other side of the country? Zephyr can help. The company is very clear on its pricing, with customers able to request a free quote through the online interface on the company website.


Zephyr Moving Logo - Best-Movers

9. Mark the Mover Atlanta

A locally owned and operated small business based out of Atlanta, Mark the Mover is an excellent option for moving short distances as well as cross-country. The primary operations are in the Atlanta area, but Roswell residents should have no issues requesting a move through this company.
Mark the Mover is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association and the Georgia Movers Association. The company also has a BBB rating, while its customer reviews on Yelp are an impressive 4.5 stars.


Mark the Mover Atlanta Logo - Best-Movers

10. Atlanta Peach Movers

With more than 30 years of experience in helping customers with their moving needs, Atlanta Peach Movers has the know-how to handle any long-distance move. People preparing for a big move will appreciate the different tiers of moving services offered.
There are basic moving packages, where only loading, transportation and unloading is provided. The company can go as far as the white glove package, where every aspect of the move is covered. Packing, sealing boxes, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and setting up the home is all included in the white glove package.


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Following table displays the list of Best Long Distance Movers in Roswell, GA​:

No.Best Long Distance Movers in Roswell, GAWebsiteLogo
1.Atlanta Home Moverswww.atlantahomemoversllc.comAtlanta Home Movers Logo - Best-Movers
2.Cross Country Moving Companywww.crosscountrymovingcompany.netCross Country Moving Company Logo - Best-Movers
3.All My Sons Moving and Storagewww.allmysons.comAll My Sons Moving and Storage Logo - Best-Movers
4.Big League Moverswww.bigleaguemovers.comBig League Movers Logo - Best-Movers
5.Allied Van Lineswww.allied.comAllied Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers
6.Olympic Park Pro Moverswww.olympicparkmovers.comOlympic Park Pro Movers Logo - Best-Movers
7.All Professional Moverswww.apmatlanta.comAll Professional Movers Logo - Best-Movers
8.Zephyr Movingwww.zephyrmoving.comZephyr Moving Logo - Best-Movers
9.Mark the Mover Atlantawww.markthemover.comMark the Mover Atlanta Logo - Best-Movers
10.Atlanta Peach Moverswww.atlpeachmovers.comAtlanta Peach Movers Logo - Best-Movers

Finding the right moving company is not easy. There are so many that advertise their services as being the best. And going into this process blind is not fun, as most have no idea how to contrast between different moving companies.

That is precisely why has done the legwork for you with our list of the best long-distance movers in Roswell, GA. If you are in the midst of planning for a big interstate move in the coming months, you can now choose between ten of the best movers that service your area.

Every company on the list is thoroughly vetted. They provide excellent service and fair pricing.