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Moving Services in Georgia

Moving is a big deal, and whether you’re moving to or from the great state of Georgia, you want to be sure that you get the help necessary so that you can reduce your stress and get your new life off to the best start possible. The expert long-distance movers in our network offer full service packing, storage options, in home estimates, and residential and business moving services to their customers.

Residential Moving

Move your home and family efficiently and effectively with assistance from these companies’ residential moving services.

Corporate Relocation

Is your business moving? Business moving experts are equipped and trained to take care of electronics, private files, office furniture, and other office moving needs.

Storage Service

Need to store items until your new home is ready? Storage is available with help from these long distance moving companies.

In House Estimate

Get accurate estimates with an in-home estimate so that you know exactly what you should budget for your interstate move.

Full Service Packing

Don’t break your back packing up your home or office – let the packing pros at these companies take care of it for you.

Moving to Georgia?

Georgia is a big state known for its peaches and its pecans, its country charm and its city living, and just for being a unique place to reside. If you’re someone that is looking to move to Georgia, then you know that it’s filled with beautiful cities like Athens, Atlanta, and Savannah. But, there is still plenty of countryside and southern charm to enjoy there as well. If you’re looking to reside in the southeastern United States, you’ll get an unmatched combination of culture and beauty if you decide that Georgia is where you’re going to want to stake your claim.

Things to Know When Moving to Georgia

Georgia Climate and Weather

With a humid subtropical climate, it’s common to deal with hot, humid summers and mild winters if you live anywhere in Georgia. It’s uncommon to see snow, but it can happen from time to time. Tropical cyclones, tropical storms, and hurricanes are very common throughout the state during the fall. Spring and fall can get quite warm and humidity is typically an issue, no matter where in the state you may reside. It has actually been stated that the Peach State is one of the states with the fewest natural disasters (even though it is right in the path of many hurricanes), so it’s definitely a safe place to live in that regard.

Places to See in Georgia

Georgia is the home of many pretty fantastic places that you can visit. Head to Atlanta, and you can try Coca-Cola from around the world at the World of Coke. You can find the southern end of the Appalachian Trail when you’re in Dawsonville. If you go to Savannah, you can find a lot of the historical sites, including where the Girl Scouts of America were started. And, scattered throughout the state are festivals, Civil War sites, and other historical sites that you can check out with your family.

Regional Food to Enjoy in Georgia

Georgia is one of the places in the South that has the heart of Southern Cooking. Whether you’re enjoying Buckner’s Family Restaurant’s Fried Chicken in Jackson, or you’re going to one of the many great BBQ spots in the state, you’re going to get some delicious food. Other regional specialties include Brunswick Stew (a traditional rabbit stew), grits, sweet tea, boiled peanuts, pecan pie, peach pie, and pimento cheese. Eating well is a requirement if you end up living in Georgia for any period of time.

Georgia Sports

College sports are a very big deal for Georgians. Usually, you’re a fan of the Bulldogs from the University of Georgia, but you may also be a fan of one of the smaller universities’ teams as well.  The College Football Hall of Fame is actually located in Atlanta, if that gives you any hint of how things go when it comes to football season. They also have the Atlanta Braves (MLB), the Atlanta Falcons (NFL), and the Atlanta United FC (MLS), which also have a lot of enthusiastic followers throughout the entire state.

Higher Education in GA

As mentioned in the sports section, the University of Georgia is a fairly popular university for students across the state (and throughout the country) to attend. The Georgia Institute of Technology is a high-end technology school found in Atlanta, and Statesboro is the home of Georgia Southern University. There are also other Universities in Atlanta, including the Savannah College of Art and Design as well as the famous Emory and Morehouse Colleges.

Cost of Living in Georgia

While living in the cities (especially Atlanta) is definitely pricier than some other locations in the United States, there are other areas of Georgia that are on average or below average when it comes to looking at the overall cost of living. If you’re someone that is especially concerned when it comes to sorting out what you may spend, you want to be sure to make some comparisons and see what people in your same fields are saying about their cost of living. Food and other necessities are about the same as you would find if you were in any other part of the U.S.

What to Know About Moving to Georgia

When you’re preparing to move to Georgia, be aware that your car will need to be registered within 30 days after arrival. Your license will need to be taken care of within 45 days at the most. If you’re moving to Georgia to seek a new job in a new place, you’ll find there are many different opportunities for employment throughout Georgia, including the CDC, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta, and more. There are lots of opportunities in the state for you to enjoy life and to embrace what the Peach State has for you, which means that it can be quite an exciting experience for your family.

Quarantine Laws in Georgia

Like many states, Georgia is concerned about invasive species, and therefore, the state has restrictions related to which animals and plants are allowed in the state. Almost every type of hybrid or exotic cat is not allowed within the state, which includes Savannahs, Bengals, Chaucies, and other breeds that have been bred with wild cats somewhere in their lineage. Any animal that is “not normally domesticated” (skunks, raccoons, prairie dogs) are also prohibited. Hedgehogs, certain exotic birds, and other creatures that may be deemed “detrimental to agriculture” are also not allowed as pets in the state. There is also a list of exotic plants that are disallowed in Georgia.

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