Best Long Distance Movers in Augusta, GA

Few things in life are more challenging than planning, preparing and executing a successful long-distance move. At, we’ve been in the business for years and know how overwhelming it can be. That’s why we built our company – to save you time, stress and hassles.

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to picking the mover(s) to work with for your interstate or cross-country move. Whether you want full service or self service moving options, there are professional movers willing to assist you with every step. The problem is finding the best company at the best rate that you know you can trust.

Every one of the specialists on our list of the best long distance movers in August, GA has been fully vetted by our team and are all high-quality professional companies that you can trust with your precious belongings. Choose any expert from this list with confidence that they’ll provide you with superior service.

Here is Our List of the 10 Best Long Distance Movers in Augusta, GA:

1. Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck started with two high school boys that needed some extra cash. They started a small business, took out an ad in the paper, and their mom made a hand-drawn logo that everyone could recognize (and that they still use today).

After 30 years, they are known for being one of the best options in the United States for long-distance, interstate moving services. They offer professional moving services including full and partial packing and unpacking services and long distance moves all over the country. They are well known for their professionalism and their commitment to their customers.


Two Men and a Truck Logo - Best-Movers

2. ADSI Moving Systems - United

Whether you’re looking to move into or out of the Augusta area, ADSI United is a company that is ready to assist you with every step of your move. The company has over 50 years of experience in long distance moving services and they offer every level of packing and transporting, from do it yourself to full service from the beginning to the end.

Their long-distance moving services are known for being reliable and high quality, and they also have a focus on helping the environment as well. They also have a storage facility available if you will need to store any of the items that you’re moving for any period of time.


ADSI Moving Systems - United Logo - Best-Movers

3. The Moving Mann - North American Van Lines

Professional movers are a must when you are looking to move long distances, and The Moving Mann does interstate moves from coast to coast. With high ratings on sites like Yelp, The Moving Mann is a company that has been proving itself again and again with its years of experience.

No job is too big or too small for them to perform, allowing you to feel confident about what it is that you’re looking to get taken care of. Their long-distance moving services come with free liability insurance, and options to upgrade if you’re concerned about items that you’re sending on your interstate move.


The Moving Mann - North American Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers

4. Anthony’s Moving and Delivery Services

Since 1985, Anthony’s Moving and Delivery Services has been helping people with moving in the Augusta area. While they only move within 300 miles of Augusta, they still provide a number of services and can get you to states like South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and certain parts of Alabama and Tennessee. They also offer services throughout the entire state of Georgia.

So, if you’re moving to a nearby state, you will find that Anthony’s can lend a hand for an affordable price. They have years of experience and want to give you the resources you need for a successful move.


Anthony’s Moving and Delivery Services Logo - Best-Movers

5. H & S Transfer Company

H&S Transfer is a company that has hundreds of agents throughout the country, allowing them to sort out everything that you’d need in order to work through a successful move. With over 30 years of experience, they work directly with businesses and individuals to ensure that every aspect of your move is taken care of with no trouble.

H&S Transfer is a Mayflower agent and they are experts in corporate relocations. They have expertise with electronic moving as well, so they can keep computers, copy machines, and other electronic devices safe and secure during any move that they do.


H & S Transfer Company Logo - Best-Movers

6. Coleman Worldwide

Coleman Worldwide is known throughout the country because of how much of the work that they do with Allied Van. The company is accredited by the BBB and their long-distance moving professionals have years of experience with it comes to taking care of both residential and commercial moves of all sorts.

They have been around since 1914 and have the coveted ProMover designation, which makes them stand out as one of the best national moving companies.


Coleman Worldwide Logo - Best-Movers

7. American International

American International is a company that has moving professionals throughout the United States, and their Augusta office is conveniently located making it easy to help Augusta residents with their interstate moving needs. They offer a variety of services, including valuation options, office and industrial moves, residential moves, packing and unpacking services, and more.

Each packing and moving professional is specially trained and the company will work with individuals and businesses to set up a packing and moving schedule that is streamlined and not disruptive to your business.


American International Movers Logo - Best-Movers

8. Monro Movers

Monro Movers, who also works with Allied in order to provide high quality moving services of all sorts, has been around for 35 years. They have been rated a 4.0 on Google and they have also earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award, both of which show the commitment to excellence that this company has to their customers. They also offer international moves, if that is what you’re looking to do with your home or business.


Monro Movers Logo - Best-Movers

9. Budget Movers Augusta

Budget Movers Augusta is a company that offers full service and partial service moving services. They also offer services including crating, loading, unloading, and packing and unpacking services. The moving professionals at the company have over 100 years of combined experience, and they offer options for both commercial and residential moves. They have two locations – one in Augusta, and one in Evans, and both locations provide moving services for the Augusta area.


Budget Movers Augusta Logo - Best-Movers

10. Five Star Moving

Five Star Moving was started by a lifetime resident of Augusta in 2000. The owner of the company, John Dowdy, has 30+ years experience in interstate moving. The company moves residential and commercial jobs, and they also have expertise when it comes to bulky items. They have offered flexible moving schedules and can work with individuals and companies on a plan that meets their needs and how quickly they need to move.


Five Star Moving Logo - Best-Movers

Following table displays the list of Best Long Distance Movers in Augusta, GA​:

No.Best Long Distance Movers in Augusta, GA
1.Two Men and a Truckwww.twomenandatruck.comTwo Men and a Truck Logo - Best-Movers
2.ADSI Moving Systems - Unitedwww.adsiunited.comADSI Moving Systems - United Logo - Best-Movers
3.The Moving Mann - North American Van Lineswww.themovingmann.comThe Moving Mann - North American Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers
4.Anthony’s Moving and Delivery Serviceswww.anthonysmovingservicesaugusta.comAnthony’s Moving and Delivery Services Logo - Best-Movers
5.H & S Transfer Companywww.h-stransfer.comH & S Transfer Company Logo - Best-Movers
6.Coleman Worldwidewww.colemanallied.comColeman Worldwide Logo - Best-Movers
7.American Internationalwww.aimovers.comAmerican International Movers Logo - Best-Movers
8.Monro Moverswww.monromoving.comMonro Movers Logo - Best-Movers
9.Budget Movers Augustawww.budgetmoversaugusta.comBudget Movers Augusta Logo - Best-Movers
10.Five Star Movingwww.fivestarmoving.comFive Star Moving Logo - Best-Movers

Even though it can be hard to find the best companies, we believe that these 10 can meet the needs that anyone may have when it comes to working out their move and finding whatever is necessary so that you can achieve your goals and get what you need in order to make your move simple. At, we’ve done the research for you and any of these 10 will serve you well.

Are you considering a long distance move in the near future, or are you thinking about working out your budget in case you decide on an interstate move from the area in and around Augusta GA? If so, fill out our quote form on this page and get quotes and information from these long distance moving companies and more. At, we want the best for our clients and we will work with you to ensure that you get the best service and price for your moving needs.