Best Long Distance Movers in Athens, GA

Planning any sort of move can take time and energy, but long-distance moves require much more effort when it comes to planning and execution. If you live in or around Athens, Georgia and you’re planning an interstate or cross-country move, you will have the best results by hiring a long-distance moving company to assist you with the logistics and other such things that you need to take care of.

Those of us at have made it a priority to assist you when it comes to finding the resources necessary so that you can get quality long-distance moving services without spending weeks researching to find the best one.

What are the best long-distance movers in Athens, GA for you to consider for your move? Here is a quick look at 10 favorite long-distance moving companies. only networks with high-quality movers with outstanding reputations. You can trust any of these 10 to carry out your move safely and professionally.

Here is Our List of the 10 Best Long Distance Movers in Athens, GA​:

1. L’Goff Moving Services

Making an interstate or cross-country move as simple as possible is the goal of every business or individual looking to move to a far-away new location. L’Goff, located in Athens, GA, is there to assist you with whatever you may need to make your experience as stress free as possible. They have packing services available and are known for being a reliable company that can assist you with every step of the planning process.


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2. University Moving and Storage

As may be suggested by their name, University Moving and Storage specializes in moving college students, but they also take care of residential and commercial moves as well. The company offers storage facilities that are secure and that can fit items and furnishing from any sized home that you may have. University Moving also offers full service packing and unpacking options. All of their movers are licensed and bonded. Record destruction for businesses that are relocating is a nice additional service.


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3. Two Men and a Truck

30 years after being started by two high school boys and their mom, Two Men and a Truck is a moving company that is known throughout Georgia and beyond. They have an office located in Macon, and they still adhere to the work ethic and goals that they had when they first started the business in the 1980’s.

They are currently known for being one of the best options in the US for interstate moving services. Their services include long-distance moves, local moves, full packing and unpacking, and partial packing and unpacking services.


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4. Gameday Moving Services

Who better to take care of your move than former college football players? Started by college athletes from the University of Georgia, this company has a 5 star reputation for taking care of both long distance and local moves for students, residents, and business owners. When you get a quote from Gameday, you will get the entire quote – labor and truck are included, so you won’t end up with unexpected fees. These young athletes are professional and will treat every one of your items with care.


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5. Smooth Movers

Smooth Movers is a moving company that focuses on providing you with the services that you need, when you need them. They have flexible rates and they can schedule times based on what you need for your move. While the company was started with the student population in mind, they also take care of commercial and residential moves to and from Athens. Their moving and labor services include packing, loading, unloading, furniture assembly and unpacking. Smooth Movers also offers a free on-site move evaluation after your first contact with them.


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6. Move & Store

As with many of these moving companies, Move & Store was created to help the student population at the University of Georgia with their moving needs. As time has gone on, they’ve expanded their reach and also offer residential and commercial moves. Move & Store is known for their storage and move packages, allowing you to get discount packages for two moves plus the storage time in between. So, whether there’s a gap in sale and closing dates, or a college student needs moving help and summer storage in between, Move & Store has affordable options available.


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7. All About the Move

All About the Move is a long-distance moving company that offers packing and unpacking services to their customers in and around the Athens, Georgia area. They offer long distance moving to several states, including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky. Along with their moving services, they also provide loading and unloading, furniture assembly, furniture setup, organizational help, and junk removal/clean up services for their moving clients as well.


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8. The Lindsay Group

The Lindsay Group is a proud family owned company on our best long-distance movers in Athens, GA list. In business since 1972, they are associated with Mayflower, one of the most well-known interstate moving companies in the nation. The company doesn’t only offer cross-country moves, but they also provide international moves for customers that may be looking to move overseas. Their services include options for both businesses and individuals. The company also provides a variety of storage services for customers, including document storage and destruction.


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9. Crown Transfer and Storage

Crown Transfer and Storage specializes in out of state moves for both homes and businesses alike. The company is proud to offer top-of-the-line storage services for their customers as well, whether that means in between moves or just because they have excess furniture that doesn’t fit into their new space. Their highly trained, knowledgeable staff can answer any of the questions you may have along the way. Each of their moving professionals is trained in packing and unpacking, and provide you with full service moves. The company is a part of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines and uses their vans for your moving needs.


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10. Zephyr Moving And Storage

Zephyr Moving and Storage offers a variety of custom tailored options that makes moving businesses and individuals easy as pie. They provide quotes that are honest and don’t have any hidden costs associated with them. All of their moving services are DOT certified for interstate moves. Zephyr makes packing a breeze with their packing and unpacking services, complete with crating options for large or bulky items that may need to be moved with you. They also provide specialty item relocation and can deal with trash cleanup after your move has been completed.


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Following table displays the list of Best Long Distance Movers in Athens, GA:

No.Best Long Distance Movers in Athens, GAWebsiteLogo
1.L’Goff Moving Serviceswww.lgoffmoving.comL’Goff Moving Services Logo - Best-Movers
2.University Moving and Storagewww.movesusa.comUniversity Moving and Storage Logo - Best-Movers
3.Two Men and a Truckwww.twomenandatruck.comTwo Men and a Truck Logo - Best-Movers
4.Gameday Moving Serviceswww.gamedaymoving.comGameday Moving Services Logo - Best-Movers
5.Smooth Moverswww.smoothmoversathens.comSmooth Movers Logo - Best-Movers
6.Move & Storewww.moveandstore.comMove & Store Logo - Best-Movers
7.All About the Movewww.allaboutthemoveathens.comAll About the Move Logo - Best-Movers
8.The Lindsay Groupwww.thelindsaygroup.netThe Lindsay Group Logo - Best-Movers
9.Crown Transfer and Storagewww.crowntransferandstorage.comCrown Transfer and Storage Logo - Best-Movers
10.Zephyr Moving And Storagewww.zephyrmoving.comZephyr Moving Logo - Best-Movers

At Best-Movers, we will work with you so that you can find a moving company that can take care of every step of your moving experience. These 10 best long-distance movers in Athens, GA are looking to help you with every aspect of your move, from packing your items, to getting them on the truck, to transporting your furnishings, and then finally getting them into your new home.

When you’re looking for help with a cross-country or interstate move, Best-Movers wants to help you get the quotes and information that you need in order to make a decision about how to best execute your future move. Fill out our form so that you can get quotes from these and other long-distance moving companies from the Athens area so that you can make an informed decision as to which company will be able to serve your needs the best and for an affordable cost.