Best Long Distance Movers in Albany, GA

A quick Google search will reveal the names of hundreds of moving companies that are based in Georgia. Most of these companies service Albany, which makes it very difficult for families to know what company is the best option.

Smaller towns may have family-operated movers they can trust. But those companies are typically reliable for short distance moves to the next town or within the state. Long distance moves require a more developed operation. It is why finding the right mover is so difficult, as every company offers the same services at similar prices.

At we’ve taken the guess work out finding and choosing the best long distance movers in Albany, GA. Our staff went to work to research and vet the top ten most trusted interstate moving companies that service the Albany area. These are professional and reliable operations that have excellent customer service reviews, competitive prices and a reputation for excellence.

Here is Our List of the 10 Best Long Distance Movers in Albany, GA:

1. North American Moving Services

With over 500 agents spread across North America, North American Van Lines is one of the top movers in the region. Through a WorldTrac system, the company is able to use satellites to keep track of all their vans at a given moment. They also take great pride in using innovative methods to train employees, both in assisting customers and safe driving.

North American Moving Services offers efficient and affordable long distance moving services. An agent comes to your home to assess the items you wish to have moved, provides more details on price and a moving timetable, and then arranges your move if you find the quotes to your liking.


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2. Allied Van Lines

One of the largest moving and storage companies in the United States, Allied Van Lines has been in business since 1928. The company often ends up on top ten lists for the best moving companies in the United States, highlighting its long term commitment to offering competitive prices and great services to residential and commercial customers.

When you book with Allied Van Lines, you know what you are getting – excellent service from start to finish. Everyone on their crew is professional and courteous, while you will get a detailed timetable on how your move is handled. Allied provides estimates on when your items are delivered to the destination as well.


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3. City Moving

City Moving is a fully equipped moving company that offers local and long distance moving services. They also help families who may be moving to Canada, which can be a more complicated process because of customs regulations.

The company has more than nine years of experience in the moving industry. While the company is based out of Los Angeles, it offers moving services across the United States. City Moving can also combine storage solutions with moving services, which is useful for families who want temporarily store their items after they are sent to another city.


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4. Bulldog Movers

Hoping to find a reliable moving company that has a long history of excellence in Georgia? Bulldog Movers fits the bill. The company has a great reputation in Georgia, as it has been offering residential and commercial moving services since 1982. The company offers both local and long distance moving services, with an easy quote request form available on their website.

Bulldog Movers has one of the largest and most reliable moving fleets, with over 30 trucks that are ready to go at a moment’s notice. The company handles every aspect of the move for a customer, from packing to loading to transportation. There is no subcontracting involved.


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5. American Safety Movers (Bekins)

American Safety Movers, an interstate agent for Bekins Van Lines, offers a full slate of moving services in the Georgia area. Albany residents who are looking to move within the state or cross-country can benefit from American Safety Movers services.

The company has a long record in the moving industry, having been in business since 2003. Customers do not have to worry about lack of reliability or efficiency when they are going with this mover. They have a professional crew who will come on time, efficiently pack up and load everything, and ensure the van gets to the destination safely.


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6. Denson Moving Company

Denson Moving Company offers both local and long distance moving services to customers in Albany. The company also has car transport and overseas relocation services. If a customer has a vehicle they do not want to drive cross country, they can include its transportation in the moving package.

The company’s service involves a specialist coming to your home to assess the size of the move. They will make a note of the items in different rooms you hope to have transported cross country. Then you will receive a price quote and timetable for the move.


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7. All My Sons Moving and Storage

All My Sons is a Texas-based moving company that was founded in 1995. The company is still a family owned operation, despite its expansion to many parts of the United States. Customers in the Georgia area (including Albany) can request moving services from All My Sons for both local and long-distance moves.
One of the reasons why the company is so successful is because it manages to combine the care of a small business with the infrastructure of a major company. Customers are given a detailed timetable on when their possessions will arrive at the destination during a cross country move.


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8. Armstrong Relocation & Companies

Armstrong Relocation & Companies has a presence in a significant portion of the United States, including New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and more. The company offers local and long distance moving services, with each client relationship beginning with an at-home consultation.
Customers are very happy with the service they get through Armstrong, with the company having four-star reviews on Yelp and 4.4-star reviews on Google.


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9. Amwat Moving Warehousing and Storage

Providing a top notch moving service to customers in the Florida and Georgia areas, Amwat Moving Warehousing and Storage is a small business that operates out of Tallahassee. The company started as a one man operation in 1997 and grew from there, proving their value to customers every year.

The company offers local, long distance and international moving services to residential and commercial customers. If the customer reviews on the company website are any indication, it is one of the top movers in the area.


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10. Best Movers of America

With a significant presence on the East Coast and central portions of the United States, Best Movers of America is a top option for those who need a long distance mover. The company has 17 years of experience, making it one of the veterans in the moving business.
Those in Albany who need help with a move can request a quote online. A specialist from the company will be in touch within a business day with more details. A home visit may be necessary before a full quote and timetable can be provided. Best Movers of America can also sync storage and moving services where required.


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Following table displays the list of Best Long Distance Movers in Albany, GA:

No.Best Long Distance Movers in Albany, GAWebsiteLogo
1.North American Moving Serviceswww.northamerican.comNorth American Moving Services Logo - Best-Movers
2.Allied Van Van Lines Logo - Best-Movers
3.City Movingwww.citymoving.comCity Moving Logo - Best-Movers
4.Bulldog Moverswww.bulldogmovers.netBulldog Movers Logo - Best-Movers
5.American Safety Movers (Bekins)www.americansafetymovers.comAmerican Safety Movers (Bekins) Logo - Best-Movers
6.Denson Moving Companywww.densonmoving.comDenson Moving Company Logo - Best-Movers
7.All My Sons Moving and Storagewww.allmysons.comAll My Sons Moving and Storage Logo - Best-Movers
8.Armstrong Relocation & Companiesatlanta.armstrongrelocation.comArmstrong Relocation & Companies Logo - Best-Movers
9.Amwat Moving Warehousing and Storagewww.amwatmovers.comAmwat Moving Warehousing and Storage Logo - Best-Movers
10.Best Movers of America
www.bestmoversofamerica.comBest Movers of America Logo - Best-Movers

For the best long distance movers in Albany, GA, you need not look further than any of the professionals on our list. They are all fully-qualified, experienced companies that have displayed a long record of excellent customer service, efficient moving services and competitive prices.